Launch date: October 14 th. 2018

As part of the project Fang Fortællingen we have created a non-digital team-based puzzle game, where the players are tasked with helping Filip, a 13 year old boy, escape from Hell.

The game is based on the book The Devil's Apprentice by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, but tells a slightly different story so as not to spoil it for those who haven't had that pleasure yet.

The game can be played at Guldborgsund Bibliotekerne until December 2018, and then it will travel between different libraries across Denmark over the next 3 years. So check with your local library if you want to try the game - and let us know what you think!

The gate to Hell.


Launch date: March 2019

More information will be given as soon as we can. We'd also like to share some of the art and game description ... when allowed ;)

  • Expanding on an existing IP
  • Creating additional assets for the reward system
  • Designing four additional mini-games

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash


Launch date: TBA

A story-driven platformer with a unique tower-defense style game play.

In the game, you will be playing as AxL, a young scientist and engineer, who sets out on a quest to bring down the mad tyranny of the old god Gamlagok.

Gamlagok recides in a monstrous tower. It is a dark and corrupted world where beauty and harmony no longer exist. Gamlagok's desire for wealth and for always growing his tower is draining all that is good from the world around it.

AxL enters the tower only armed with Love and Compassion, but as he ascends the tower his powers as a tower-builder gradually grows to match those of the old god himself.

The game is to be a fun, beautiful and challenging experience first and foremost - but there is also a deeper meaning, a theme the game wants to explore. What makes people become so absorbed in their own wealth and success that they become blind to - or just ignore? - the damage they cause to others?

Early version of AxL, our protagonist

(click for larger version)

AxL gathers bat wings and later uses them to construt a fan-tower, to disperse the toxic mushroom vapors.

(click for larger version)

Above are two sketches of the "test scene" we are currently working on. AxL has come to a lush, but treacherous level. Outside AxL's line of sight - and still unknown to the player - is a batch of eggs that are slowly hatching. The speed by which they hatch is affected by the noise made by AxL as he explores the cave.

With this particular scene we want to show some of the hopefully fun and inventive game features that will be the cornerstone of the game:

  • The way you place towers and how they operate - alone or in combination
  • The effect of "Noise" and how it can attract unwanted attention from various cave dwellers
  • The resource system. This includes mining crystals and gathering knowledge to build and discover new towers.


Launch date: TBA

DUST is a puzzle adventure featuring Frank Dust as the main protagonist. As the curtain rises to this sad and epic tale, Frank has just returned to his home town of Industry, for the first time in almost 20 years. He has come to bury his father.

  • Multiple realities
  • Demonic entities
  • Topic-based dialog system
  • Environment altering puzzles
  • Strange and memorable characters, setting, and events.